Medical Opinion

Our medico-legal experts perform a detailed review of the case to provide an opinion on each case with valid supporting reasons.

A Medical Opinion is essential to identify if there is any medical malpractice involved in the standard of care provided to a patient or if there is a causal relationship between negligence and physical injuries. The process requires practitioners to review medical records and summaries of a patient and identify situations of malpractice or causation.
Our medico-legal experts, which include doctors and nurses, perform a detailed review of the case to provide an opinion on each case with valid supporting reasons. They offer an unbiased first or second opinion based on the information presented in the medical records, including diagnostics, treatment notes, lab reports, etc.

Importance of Expert Medical Opinion

Our experts present a medical opinion in a manner that a layperson can understand the medical summaries easily. We draw references from the standard medical literature text. To simplify medical jargon, we also present this data in a way that a non-medical person could understand, along with references from standard medical books or literature

Components of our medical opinion reports.

Our medical-legal experts provide valid reasoning and references while presenting an opinion. Typically provided in a question and answer format, our documentation includes the following.

  • A complete review of the entire medical history of the patient to determine whether there has been a deviation in the standard of the case and highlight instances or areas where malpractice is noticeable, or whether there is causation between a negligent act and the patient’s injury.
  • All information provided by us is provided by specialty-specific doctors and vetted by our team of medical coders.
  • We utilize a simple Q&A format, or it can be completed in a format requested by the attorney.
  • References are drawn from acceptable medical journals and publications from credible sources to improve the understanding of the case and substantiate any noticed deviation from acceptable standards of care or causation.

Case Scenarios and Medical Opinions

  1. Causation Analysis for Personal Injury cases. A causation analysis is a review of the medical records to understand if there is enough credibleinformation contained in the medical records to substantiate that there is a causal relationship between the patient’s injury and the negligent act. We examine all pre-existing illnesses by involving doctors from across specialties such as orthopedics, neurology, neurosurgery, and others to provide an opinion on whether the medical records support a claim.
  2. Merit Screening Report for medical malpractice cases. Similar to a causation analysis, merit screening reports analyze the medical malpractice allegation to ascertain the validity of the claim. The screening report allows the attorney to save time, effort and money that would be incurred in proceeding with a claim that may not be viable or supported by the records.
  3. Expert Medical Opinion in Medical Malpractice Cases. Proving liability is the most crucial requirement of medical malpractice cases. It is considered a best practice to utilize the opinions of doctors outside the local area to seek advice on medical malpractice cases. Acrodocz’s team of medical professionals analyze the medical treatment rendered, evaluating both its effectiveness and compliance to acceptable standard procedures of care for the condition.
  4. Second Opinion or Medical Consensus. Complex medical cases may require you to seek additional opinions on medical malpractice orcausation in negligence cases. We involve specialty-specific experts to re-review the medical summaries, perform a detailed analysis based on available medical literature on the cause, treatment processes, alternate treatments available, and provide an opinion on whether or not there has been medical malpractice, or whether there is causation in a negligence or tort case. This helps in countering the opinion of testifying experts or defendants.

Detailed Medical Opinion Reports supporting Medical Legal Cases.

When it has been decided that the attorneys have a credible case and would like to move forward, we provide a detailed Medical Opinion in the form of Q&A that includes

  • Critical issues along with case strengths and weaknesses.
  • Medical literature to support the opinion.
  • Points/counterpoints.
  • A clear conclusion of the merit/demerit in the case.
  • The complete opinion includes – clear narrative of the condition, causation, process of care, breaches (if any).

We also offer support to address any follow-up questions that the attorneys may have related to the medical opinion provided.

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