Medical Chronology

Get non-biased, fact-based, and easy-to-understand Medical Chronologies.

Get non-biased, fact-based, and easy-to-understand Medical Chronologies. Our team focuses on providing medically relevant information to create medical chronologies valuable to your litigation cases. Hotlinking, the chronology for quick access to medical records, will reduce your review time.

What is Medical Chronology?

A Medical Chronology report includes all medical encounters in the order of occurrence for a patient. Medical records can be voluminous and reading through hundreds of pages of the medical record to identify, locate, review, and interpret relevant medical information from these records can be time-consuming. Our team of medical-legal documentation experts help support your case by creating an accurate and detailed summary of noteworthy points.

Importance of Medical Chronology

Medical Records are voluminous and at times unorganized. Attorneys benefit from obtaining detailed and accurate reports containing relevant information from the records because it reduces the time and effort spent assembling, reviewing, and summarizing the records.

Our team creates a fact-based summary of events known as Medical Chronologies, which allow attorneys and staff to obtain the information regarding a client’s medical treatment.

With a clear and organized understanding of a patient’s medical records and treatment history, the attorneys can focus on important case-related issues, such as proving causation, working towards a settlement, preparing for a deposition, or preparing for trial.

Our Process

  • Sorting and categorization of medical records.
  • Creating a thorough text-based medical record summary that is easy-to-understand, presented chronologically, and highlighting the critical aspects of the record.
  • Yellow highlights to focus on the critical areas of the records summary.
  • Option to add highlighted notes or post-its.
  • Accurate capture of the date of each record, procedure(s), treatments and other custom data fields.
  • Duplicate records are deleted, and a log is created of the deleted records.
  • Can be delivered in WORD format or PDF format.
  • PDF format includes options for:
    • Hyperlinks for quick navigation to the source pages.
    • Bookmarking to index by user-defined keywords or categories.
    • Medical Dictionary links to look up for definitions of medical terms used.

Salient Features

  • Reduction in the time spent by the reviewer by over 60%.
  • Created by experienced medical records reviewers; in addition, we have doctors and nurses on our team, and professionals with medical coding certification.
  • Focused and precise summaries that are based on facts of the medical history.
  • Custom report that can be easily understood.
  • Identification of missing records.
  • Highlights on specific reports.

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